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Senior Full-Stack Developer (Remote)


FULL FABRIC is a London-based start-up developing technology for higher education. Our products and solutions impact thousands of university staff, management, lecturers, students, prospective students and alumni every day.

Our way of working

In everything we do, we strive to build the best possible product. Our goal is to combine simplicity and power to deliver an awesome experience. Join us in our mission to deliver innovative solutions in higher education.

  • Build and debug complex systems in a team environment
  • Apply standard methodologies and personal experience to deliver technical solutions
  • Push boundaries and break the status quo
  • Foster an open, collaborative, and inclusive environment

  • You’ve been building web applications professionally for 5+ years
  • You have a strong understanding of Ruby and have deployed Ruby applications in production environments
  • You have been exposed to architectural patterns of a large, high-scale web application
  • You write understandable, testable code with an eye towards maintainability
  • You are a strong communicator - explaining complex technical concepts to designers, support, and other engineers is no problem for you
  • You possess strong computer science fundamentals: data structures, algorithms, programming languages, distributed systems, and information retrieval
  • You have experience with front-end frameworks like Backbone.js + Marionette, Angular, Vue or ReactJS
  • You have a keen eye for detail

We’re looking for product-aware developers who are thoughtful, responsible and passionate builders who appreciate user experience. We’re looking for someone who is not only well versed in backend development, but also has a strong understanding of good UX and isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty in front-end code.

There is much more that we want to build and so much that we could improve. We value strong developers who are agile enough to jump into most projects. Our culture emphasises creative problem solving, a focus on simplicity, fast iteration and execution. Join us in our mission to deliver great products to the education sector.

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